La Vernia’s Den Reviews

How was your experience at La Vernia’s Den? Tell us about it here!

Great food, great customer service. Very nice venue outside & inside as well.

Tammy Brazle, 3/14/24

The Den has absolutely excellent food! I’ve tried numerous items on the menu and everything has been great! I highly recommend!

Kid-friendliness: They have a fenced in very large outdoor facility. Lots of things for kids to play with and do while family sit and visit and eat.

Brennan Bennett, 3/11/24

I love coming here cause I know I will have a friendly face help us out.

Sabrina Ramirez, 3/11/24

We went in for breakfast (our first time) I had the blueberry pancakes and good lord they were so delicious. The bacon and eggs were good really well and the hashbrowns had some good seasoning. We will definitely be going back to take our kids.

Kid-friendliness: They have an outside area for kids to be wild and free lol

Sara Jaramillo, 3/10/24

Great happy hour.

Nicholas Christy, 3/7/24

Had the texmex chicken fried steak outstanding wife had chicken salad sandwich. Along with some great drinks. A must to visit.

David Krawietz, 3/1/24

A great local place to enjoy yourself and any company you have. Food’s very acceptable, good portions

Kid-friendliness: Playground for kids

Thomas Eeds, 2/28/24

I went here with some friends for the band and some dancing. It was a nice night.

Foody4 Life, 2/23/24

Love the friendly staff and they are always welcoming. Kids enjoy coming here to play and see their friends.

Holly Mcdougald, 2/17/24
We ALWAYS have a great time here! The drinks are great, the wings are phenomenal, and the ambience is perfect. The enclosed field is also a plus. Our kids can play and have a great time in a safe environment. We LOVE The Den!
Belinda De Luna, 2/13/24

Sarah is always great at making drinks and offering a fun atmosphere. Food is good and a reasonable price. Staff is always welcoming

Madeleine Winjum, 2/5/24

Great And Shelly does great job taking care of work and customers.

Chris W, 2/2/24

Awesome spot for a family dinner, and the music nights are even funner.

E Brewer, 1/29/24

Great Place to Hang out!!! Good Times

cattransman, 1/21/24

The food is amazing and the wait staff are friendly and attentive. We highly recommend the onion rings!

Jennifer Rivera, 1/18/24

Great staff and go out of their way to make ya feel welcomed. It’s our go to hang out

Kid-friendliness: Play area for kiddos so parents can relax a bit

Mary Ann Wallace, 1/12/24

Best place in town…

Nick Carvajal, 1/6/24

Very good food!

Krystal B, 1/3/24

Friendly staff and relaxing surroundings

Ray Bergquist, 1/2/24

Great food and atmosphere. First time going and will be going back.

Kid-friendliness: Special designated areas for kids to play outside based on age, little ones to teens. Great family-friendly atmosphere.

Greg Ramzinski, 12/28/23

Great food Great prices. Great atmosphere 👌

Gomer Serbin, 12/22/23

This place is great to hang out and also to have your Christmas party… food is good and the customer service is great too.

Jessica R. Stockbridge, 12/19/23

Great place for a birthday party.

Mary Ann Naumann, 12/15/23

Great food! Great service! The best atmosphere! We love sitting outdoors! We had the best concert last night! Can’t wait to go again!

Jacki Priester, 12/10/23

It was great we celebrated my mom’s 60th Birthday! Reserving the location was easy and the catering was great. We even were able to get the fire pit going to enjoy a fire while visiting with family and friends.

Karley Moss, 12/10/23

Food is good. But the atmosphere and service is awesome. Great place filled with great people.

calijd74 josh, 12/7/23

Very very lovely location beautiful white staff location clean bathrooms clean the bar was excellent Thank you delicious food I’ll be back

David Vasquez, 11/25/23

All the food was amazing and the waitress was outstanding. Wish they were in Devine.

Alex Smith, 11/18/23

We love this place. The bar service is great and a phenomenal atmosphere on a nice evening when one wants to be outdoors.

Mike Nichols, 11/14/23

It was really unexpected to me. I don’t normally like eating outside but this place was shady and cool. Everything was great thanks to my grandson for wanting to go there for his birthday

Felix Menchaca, 11/9/23

Best deep fried mushrooms I have ever tasted. Great food! Friendly atmosphere!! Great service.

Virginia Weikle, 11/7/23

Great breakfast and mimosas!

Sandra Boursaw, 11/3/23

Great place for the whole family

Chris Barrett, 10/22/23

I love the atmosphere and the food

Jordan Castillo, 10/19/23

Great food and reasonable prices with excellent service!

Brian Pinkstaff, 10/17/23

Food was awesome. Joshua did an excellent job with customer service.

Edward Amarille, 10/13/23

Live music on Friday and Saturday nights. Very friendly staff and beautiful and fun place. Great experience! I have already recommended it to several people since I visited.

Kid-friendliness: Outdoor fenced area for kids.

Jeannie Nobles, 10/10/23

Went to grab a quick dinner and had live music.

Leatha Boenisch, 10/5/23

We were recommended to the Den by the Circle N Corn Maze. We dined inside as it was a little brisk to be on the patio. Ordered a variety off the menu such as the chicken fried steaks, burgers, wings and other items and everything was delicious. Was a little disappointed in the cream corn as there really wasn’t a cream to it but still had good flavor. Our server was fantastic, she was polite, knowledgeable in menu, and checked on us the perfect amount of times. They had a live band when we arrived and a DJ when we left. Overall a great experience and will be going in again next time we’re out that way.

Kid-friendliness: Had a area for the kids to play at

Wheelchair accessibility: Went with my grandma who had a walker, had a decent amount of handicap parking spaces available and with no steps or ramps to go up, was easy for her to get inside

Tess Munoz, 10/4/23

Love this place. Good food, good drinks, and awesome entertainment!

Kalif Gates, 9/26/23

I attended this place to celebrate a family member’s birthday. They offer ample space for hosting large gatherings, live music, delicious food, and excellent service 😊.

Ashley Smith, 9/18/23

Greater and waitress were super friendly! Sliders were great, fun place to go with good food.

Krystel Duff, 9/15/23

The outdoor area makes this a great place to eat with the grandkids.

Ray Lehman, 9/9/23

Great food.

Steve Scott, 9/4/23
I really liked the quality and variety of food, the atmosphere because we went very early, but everything was good, prices were good. The only thing missing is that we went because the photos showed some games for children, and there were none.
Nuria Santamaria, 9/2/23
An amazing place with great food, indoor/outdoor seating, live music (check calendar), and a huge fenced area for kids to run and play!
Rebecca Nunnelly, 8/24/23
Great place or just playing down on country food. Not the fancy, but they do it well.

Kid-friendliness: They have an outdoor play place where you can just let your kids run around. They have a patio if you want to eat outside and it’s in the shade. It’s a great place for your family. The outdoor patio reminds me of a German beer garden.

George Adkison, 8/19/23

Very good.

Tad Tarnawski, 8/13/23

Food was great! Nice family restaurant. Enjoyed our first time there. We will return.

Jeanie Gohmert, 8/3/23

Great place for the family! The food is good, the service is awesome and it had a great atmosphere with live music!

Travis Knowlton, 8/1/23

awesome place, good food and a great outdoor section. service has always been great also. can’t wait to check out their weekend breakfasts too

Jordan Schoolcraft, 7/27/23

Love the breakfast here! Stop by every morning I’m in La Vernia for work.

Tommy Villegas, 7/25/23

Great food, nothing but good experiences so far.

Candy Thomas, 7/24/23

Probably one of the better places in lavernia to go with the family to have a meal. You have both indoor and outside staff was very friendly. Prices were fair and food was pretty decent. Will be back.

HiddenMeadow9er, 7/22/23

Great place to hang out with friends.

Jesus Villarreal, 6/29/23
Friendly and casual. Good food. Live music. Bartender pours a proper Guinness.
Keith Lindsey, 6/18/23
Fun spot, good food!
A Rebber, 6/18/23
Great family place, good food and cold drinks.
Cindy Alviar, 6/12/23
Great place for food and/or live music! I had the queso chopped steak and it was excellent!
Trevor Abell, 6/12/23
Great food, excellent service, great all around! Thank you Leslie G.
Rita Robertucci, 6/10/23
Great backyard barbeque atmosphere. They have live music and a very unique menu. There’s even an extensive play park for kids. Plenty of room on the inside of you prefer air conditioning dining.
Kyle Laechelin, 6/8/23
Food was very good, service was great.
Nice place.
Kid-friendliness: Big area for kids to run around and play
Curtis Norris, 6/7/23
Oh I’m definitely coming back loved it so much the staff was so friendly 👍
Jessica Owen, 6/3/23
Great wait staff, fast service and delivery of food. Best place I’ve dined at in awhile. Atmosphere was very family oriented.
Sharon Callaway, 6/2/23
Still the best place in town if you want to check all the boxes … good food, great service, nice atmosphere, at a decent price.
Mark Diamond, 5/21/23
Always a good experience. Just wanted to give a special shout out to our waiter Isaac and bartender Grace, for remaining calm, cool, and collected under the pressure of being SUPER BUSY last night with parties and graduation groups. Isaac went above and beyond with our appetizer and Grace promptly fixed a drink that wasn’t right, and they both did it with a smile and grace. Thank y’all for making our experience a great one!
Ashley Johnson, 5/20/23

Good food and service.

Kid-friendliness: Good options on kids menu and sides that kids like. They also have a nice outdoor play area for families.

Margaret Maggie Boos, 5/18/23
What a great place ! Family friendly and I love the outdoor space! I highly recommend this place!!!

Kid-friendliness: Great for families

Ann Childers, 5/17/23
Always great service, food, and drinks.
John Palacios, 5/10/23
A friend suggested this place. They did not disappoint.

This is a very relaxed place to eat. Server was very friendly and attentive to our dining experience.

Food was tasty and excellent.

Tracy Day, 5/8/23
A very nice place. Service was good, atmosphere was nice. Food was awesome. We went as a family, a couple things we had to return to kitchen, but they were corrected. Fish was excellent and amount was great.
Robbie Shortner, 5/5/23
Great service and good selection on menu.
Stacy Held, 5/4/23
Great place to hang out and eat! Food was amazing! We would definitely be back again since they had a ton of options available.
Kay Jay, 5/2/23
Great service!
Rosa Ramirez, 4/29/23
Great place to hang, a party for all. A friendly atmosphere that’s very accommodating. The kids love it and the adults can sit back and enjoy their company with live music in the background.
Jaime Sherwood, 4/28/23
Excellent food. Top notch atmosphere. Clean. Great experience
Chris Kimerer, 4/26/23
Great family place and for friends who want to have a few beers. Great food too…..
Daniel Alvarez, 4/16/23
Great customer service and great food!
Nalicha Gustin, 4/12/23
Great place to hang, a party for all. A friendly atmosphere that’s very accommodating. The kids love it and the adults can sit back and enjoy their company with live music in the background.
Jaime Sherwood, 4/11/23
I love this place! Very similar to the Cove in San Antonio but on a much larger scale!

Kid-friendliness: There is plenty of activities to keep kids or the whole family entertained

Parking: The parking lot is huge and more in the back and trust me it’s needed everyday

K Kirsch, 4/6/23
Great portions, accommodating waitstaff. Tasty breakfast.

Kid-friendliness: Outdoor play area!

Christina Trinidad, 4/1/23

Great reason to stop in La Vernia, TX

Christopher Duke Pena, 3/30/23
My wife and I usually go there about once a month. The food is very good and the atmosphere is out of this world.
John Moody, 3/25/23

What can I say, the Den is always good.

Ron Carlson, 3/12/23

Great family oriented place to go. The earlier you go the better.

Betty Rose, 3/12/23

Great servings… Great family and friends atmosphere, great food with truly great customer service… our waitress didn’t play the guessing game when plates were brought out.

Annette Feller, 3/9/23

The food is fantastic! I had the chicken sandwich with curly fries, and a mimosa. The portions are huge, food had a ton of flavor, and the mimosa had just the right amount of bubbles. Highly recommend this place! Family friendly, with a great place for kids to run, and adults to enjoy Sunday brunch!

Sarah, 3/5/23

Amazing place, amazing food. Love this place.

Michael Kiel, 3/1/23

Great place to have a party with family and friends

Justin Angel Urias, 2/19/23

Great place to visit with kids or without, with friends or a group!! Really enjoyed Clfton Jansky live!

Kid-friendliness: Out door play area!

Kathleen Bailey, 2/13/23

Very comfortable family place and kid-friendly.

Victoria Maciel, 2/8/23

Great food excellent service and some really good drink choices.

Victoria Maciel, 2/5/23

Great place with excellent food. The atmosphere is kickin. I love the trees and lights and patio.

Cga, 1/15/23

We enjoyed it! And our waitress Crystal was wonderful!

Kim, 1/10/23

Employees are great & food is good.

Linda Madden, 1/4/23

Great place and food.

Todd Crosbie, 1/3/23

Great atmosphere!

Steven Perez, 12/21/22

We had the patty melt and chicken fried chicken, it was a good meal.

SLY RC51, 12/18/22

Excellent food and great music!

Jon Kemppainen, 12/15/22

Food was good, loved the kettle chips, service was great

Alicia Magana Myers, 12/13/22


Jay Carmony, 12/12/22

Great food and even the bus boy (sebastian) was super helpful

D Soto, 12/8/22

Great time, will be back. The wings and the drinks were great!

Christy, 12/4/22
Went after a family memorial service with a lot of people and the service was great!
Tammy Verlander, 11/15/22
Great food excellent service and some really good drink choices.
Charles Martinez, 11/9/22

I don’t think I have ever seen The Den as crowded as it was Saturday November 5th. We had 5 tables reserved for our party. The service was excellent, band was great. Plenty of TV’s for college football and the World Series. Heaters kept our area nice and warm. Great atmosphere. Thanks Den management and staff!!

Gwen Fluitt, 11/7/22

We had a great night here. Food was awesome, live music and nothing but fun. Hidden jewel if you don’t live in LA Vernia

Rudy S, 11/6/22
Very nice restaurant, great food, and atmosphere. The live bands on the weekends also make it a fun environment, and great restaurant for the whole family.
Roland Strickland, 11/6/22
This place is amazing!!
Felix Rios, 11/3/22
First time came to LA Vernia were told that food was great…and it WAS!¡!!!!
E Vasquez, 11/1/22
Great food friendly servers who are quick to resolve any concerns that come up.
Spencer Sharp, 10/30/22
Fun family atmosphere! Love how they support our hometown La Vernia teams! Great place for a party or just stopping in with friends. Cowboy nachos or the chicken filled avocado are my favorites . Delicious Italian Margaritas Plus, try there Thursday night trivia and live music weekends
Jolindsey, 10/24/22
This is a the best place to enjoy great live music, spend time with family, friends, co-workers etc. Highly used venue for birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, receptions, charity events etc.. Very kid friendly environment with a fenced in play area. It is very safe with on site police security. We frequently go here all the time along with our family and friends.
Tiffany Morgan-Rohmer, 10/19/22
The food was excellent, as was the service!
Rita Zaskoda, 10/14/22

Good food.

John Blair, 9/27/22

They now present waitresses, so now no lines. Cheyenne was awesome!

D Lopez, 9/27/22

Always friendly. Always clean. Always delicious! Martha was our waitress; she was excellent!

Dr. Roe, 9/24/22

Black and Blue Burger was so good I threw the last bite into the air and it turned into sunshine!

Todd Deaver, 9/15/22

Very family oriented and kid friendly play area outside. Good was also very good!

Vanessa Smith, 9/13/22

I’ve been here three times and it is always has great tasting Southern comfort food. We have to drive about 25 minutes to get there but it is well worth the time. At a time when all other restaurants are scaling down the portion sizes and raising prices, the Den stays true to making the same quality of food for the same price! Thier TexMex Chicken Fried Steak is uniquely topped with queso, pico de gallo, and jalapeños and it is fantastic! Have you ever cut into a CFS and thought, “is this all fried batter and a deli slice of beef?” Well, you won’t have that problem here. There is a high steak to batter ratio, so you will get your fill.

Joe E, 9/10/22

This was my first time here and I absolutely loved it! It’s very kid friendly and the food is delicious! I’ll be back

Vanessa Smith, 9/7/22
Food was terrific, service was excellent and pretty quick.
Destiny Rupkalvis, 8/31/22

Enjoyed a late lunch with family. The food was good and they had great options. It was nice to find something with a different flavor. Enjoyed a little spice as an appetizer and cooled it down with stuffed avacado.

Carey Smith, 8/22/22

Gluten free options available. I’m allergy not preference, they do a great job ensuring I don’t have cross contamination issues.

Heather Torrey, 8/20/22

Gluten free options available. I’m allergy not preference, they do a great job ensuring I don’t have cross contamination issues.

Shea Dahl, 8/16/22

Service good, food good, band playing was good, and drinks were good can’t say nothing but it was good. If you haven’t tried it you gotta come and try it.

G E, 8/12/22

Food and Service was excellent.

Destinee Serdinia, 8/10/22

Lovely fun Beer Garten kind of place…..I want to go back. We had a large athletic event at this location and it has a lot to offer.

Jean Newton Unser, 8/9/22

Great atmosphere. Bring your kids.

Alfred Delgado, 8/6/22

Great food and service!

Devlin Giddings, 8/6/22

Great place for kids.

Cheryl Tuttle, 7/28/22

Great food and drinks and prices are reasonable!!! Shout out to our watier Josh

Omar Cantu, 7/27/22

Really good food and friendly wait staff.

Kelly C, 7/21/22

Awesome food, great menu and staff was nothing short of attentive at the right time and very friendly. We had a business meeting and had hats and t-shirts all over the table for a couple of hours and no one ever complained. When we pulled out of the parking lot, I said, what a great experience that was. I hope all of your customers are treated as we were, like family.

Caryn Maus, 7/12/22

Great place to visit with kids or without, with friends or a group!! Really enjoyed Clifton Jansky live!

Kathleen Bailey, 7/11/22

Good food enjoyed singer song writer Clifton Jansky

Patricia Micheli, 7/11/22

Carlye was outstanding as our server. The food was amazing. Highly recommend stopping here when traveling through LaVernia

Rick White, 7/9/22

Great food.

Loyda Rangel, 7/8/22

Attended a wedding here, pretty nice kick back place.people are friendly.

John L , 6/28/22

Great place to come and have some drinks and listen to live music. Huge patio with games and play areas-bring the whole family! Our server Megan was so nice and kept our drinks coming

Amy Reznicek, 6/27/22

The Den is a La Vernia staple! Dine in or out with two bars, two stages and lots of room for the kids to roam and be safe. Always fun and a great family atmosphere!!

Marcella Martin, 6/24/22

Great spot for kids and good food and drinks

Ryan Lehman, 6/22/22

My new favorite place. Staff is off the chain cool and friendly, food is solid and the atmosphere accommodates family.

Stephen Oliver, 6/21/22

Good food

Robin Fitzgerald, 6/20/22

Great place for kids. Food is great.

Tonatzyn Torres, 6/7/22

It was good food

Ronnie Mendiola, 6/7/22

Great place in a small growing town to eat. Kid friendly. Has eating inside and out. Band and stage outside.

Daniel Baumgartner, 6/5/22

First time visiting with my girlfriends. I love the food. The wind outside felt so good

Damaris DeLoatch, 5/29/22

The family and met up with our local Jeep group, New Braunfels Trail Team Six, for lunch. There were about 40 of us the took a topless cruise from New Braunfels. My daughter was excites because she’d been there for a school event and loved the food. The staff was very welcoming and the food was great.

Chris Baber, 5/22/22

The family and met up with our local Jeep group, New Braunfels Trail Team Six, for lunch. There were about 40 of us the took a topless cruise from New Braunfels. My daughter was excites because she’d been there for a school event and loved the food. The staff was very welcoming and the food was great.

Sheila Reese, 5/22/22

Friendly service and good food. I really enjoyed the Philly sandwich and sweet potato fries. They had adequate staff to keep the dining area tended to as well. We will return.

B. Reed, 5/21/22

Food is always fantastic!

Jeff Bachus, 5/20/22

We love the Den. Great food and family atmosphere.

Tammy, 5/15/22

Great food, bar and music.

Clint Taft, 5/12/22

Good Service, Good Food, Good Music and Good Friends. Been here a few times and always had a great time. Looking forward to our next visit.

Ronald Duncan, 5/9/22

Never been before but, I was Blown away with this place. Everyone was friendly. I noticed a server paid extra attention to a elderly person whom need special attention. This made sure the elderly man got everything he ordered. Hats 🧢 off to the server.

Mark Pridgen, 5/1/22

Great place to hang out and eat

Johnny Beem, 5/1/22

Awesome place to hang out

James Duke, 4/29/22

Attended first time, family event. Loved it. Spacious, no mask, live entertainment and for us, a fixed menu. Great time, good food, plenty of room. We sat outside, covered.

Ernest and Kim Bell, 4/23/22

Great ambiance, outside dining with a play area for the kids, great food, live music on the weekends, friendly staff

John Wick, 4/23/22

Great food. Stop in and check it out

Dave Bruinekool, 4/19/22

The service, place and the Jager Schnitzel was outstanding. Going back for more.

Rico Gonzalez, 4/13/22

Good food

Sawyer Wells, 4/9/22

Full menu, great food!

Wally Dryden, 4/6/22

We do book club here…so fun

Kimberly Hunt, 3/29/22

We went to The Den for our second date on a recommendation from a friend. We went on 3/20/22. We sat outside which was great. The food was very good and we loved the atmosphere. We had a great waitress. I wish I could remember her name but she had short hair and she was so sweet. She even put lids on our water glasses so the leaves would not blow in them. We would definitely go back.

Rhonda Falcon, 3/21/22

Went for the breakfast. Was very good.

Scott Flynn, 3/20/22

We’ve had several family events and can’t forget the Crawfish boil, my daughter lives for this!!

Gloria Jean Bridger, 3/16/22
Nice lunch spot. Welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff. Food was fresh and high quality.
Robert Newton, 3/3/22
Awesome as usual
Jenny Bell, 3/1/22

Excellent environment. Food is above average for a fair price

Raymond Richardson, 2/25/22

First time enjoying their great food❗Their staff was very friendly & courteous. Awesome experience ‼️

Janie Soto, 2/25/22

Burgers were very good.

Robert Chetwood, 2/23/22

We’ve had several family events and can’t forget the Crawfish boil, my daughter lives for this!!

Gloria Jean Bridger, 2/23/22

Very good drinks!

Joy L Cruz, 2/22/22

Great food excellent service and some really good drink choices.

Charles Martinez, 2/13/22

Nice place

Philip Dylla, 2/13/22

It was awesome

Scott Carlisle, 2/12/22

Great family restaurant. Will return.

Reynold Bergquist, 2/7/22

Great food and portions.

Alma Danks, 2/1/22

Awesome place with Awesome people

Jimmy Dyer, 1/30/22

Cool place to hang out relax have some drinks set around the fire awesome

Randy Kling, 1/27/22

I went here for brunch while visiting family who frequents The Den. The decor is cute with a bit of a rustic feel. There are many classic offerings like omelets, burgers, etc.I ordered the chicken fried steak and a bloody Mary. The bloody Mary was great. It had bacon, pickled okra, celery and olives, with an optional salt/chili salt rim. I would recommend both.

Kip D, 1/24/22

As someone who only sees his family on the weekends, the Den provides a great place to enjoy a great meal and company.

mb, 1/23/22

Great spot all around. Good food, drinks and layout. Large spot for kids to run around, great areas for entertainment, with large areas able to reserve for parties. Stage for some live music is perfect and the bar set up and service has always been great when I have been by there.

Kevin Morris (Borris), 1/20/22

Good food and fast efficient service, they just started offering at table service, ordering and delivery.

Jerry Carpenter, 1/18/22

Amazing atmosphere and great staff 🤙🏾👍🏽

Steve Coons, 1/11/22

Great food and service

Jerome LaPlatney, 12/28/21

Wonderful atmosphere, good food.

Tammy Cork, 12/28/21
Jose was our server. He is very polite, gracious, and PATIENT!! A definite keeper!
Lori Schilling, 12/26/21

1st time visit, food was great, decor was fun, restrooms were clean. But the high light was the tile on the bathroom floor, absolutely beautiful. Would definitely visit again.

G Ibarra, 12/23/21

First time going there and liked it enjoyed the band playing there!

Esmeralda Mata, 12/20/21

The food was terrific. I had the chicken fries chicken

Jo Jo, 12/15/21

Great atmosphere, great food, decent prices, live entertainment, ample seating, two bars, nice/clean bathrooms – both inside and out. What a place. We recently stopped in for brunch on a whim. My wife got an omelet and I had biscuits and gravy. Neither were a disappointment. Both were cooked perfectly, and in a short time. While there, we decided it would be a great place to come with the family. So, we returned on a Saturday evening and enjoyed the live local music, along with fantastic appetizers, great entrees and a good time was had by all. The wait staff is fast and friendly, and the food is worth going on it’s own.

Curt Buchanan, 12/15/21

Great place to eat. Food is good, people are friendly. Great place for a family and large gatherings!

Docaston, 12/7/21

Such a great place in a small town. Very homey and a great place to have a nice time or a good party. We enjoyed it very much.

Anais Wiatrk, 12/4/21

Good food, great area.

Shea Dahl, 12/4/21

I loved it here. The wings are delicious. The staff here are very polite. It’s a great place inside and outside. The menu is large. Great location and excellent parking.

Marcos Romero, 11/30/21

I’ve always heard great things about this place. I’m so happy that we went!!! We had great service!!!!!! We didn’t wait long for our food at all. FYI: The fried pickles are so good!!!!!!

Crystal Farrell, 11/29/21

Live music with plenty of seats inside, under the trees, or under the pavilion. Had the Mushroom Swiss Burger with creamed corn as my side. Thumbs up!!!

Thomas Merket, 11/24/21

This place is so fun! We love meeting friends here and getting to chat while the kids play in the very large play area! We moved out of town and haven’t been in awhile so we’re impressed with all the upgrades they’ve done! Looks awesome. The food is great also. Tex chicken fried steak, great salads and burgers and the kids love those meals also

Sue Laprise, 11/24/21

Great service good food

Vickie Robey, 11/20/21

I go here just about every Sunday and never get tired of the great food and service.

Plague Dynasty, 11/14/21

The food was very good. Best fried pickles around. Service was right on!

Sylvia Garcia, 11/14/21

Great atmosphere, food was great service was awesome.

Brandon Coy, 11/11/21

The Den in Lavernia is a hidden gem. We celebrated my daughters birthday here and it was a Great Atmosphere, Family Friendly, Good Food, Friendly Staff. Even family that drove from an hour away we’re impressed! We would definitely recommend The Den to family and friends.

Susie DeLuna, 11/9/21

My husband and I love this place but we were really sad to be told they were stopping the daily specials… Half price appetizer Wednesdays was a little too good to be true… But still 5 stars because the food is GREAT! Really good appetizers – the copperhead bites with garlic parm are the best. I love the chicken fried steak with queso though and the mac and cheese is so good. It’s order from the bar, get your own drinks, pick up your own food from another bar when it’s ready, and staff comes around to pick up empty plates as needed.

Danielle Kilber, 11/4/21

Amazing atmosphere and great staff 🤙🏾👍🏽

Charlie, 10/30/21

Always great food and friendly atmosphere and server

Sherry Crosley, 10/29/21

Loved my lunch 😋 ❤ made me feel very sleepy 😴

Amanda Howerton, 10/24/21

Great atmosphere, great food, decent prices, live entertainment, ample seating, two bars, nice/clean bathrooms – both inside and out. What a place. We recently stopped in for brunch on a whim. My wife got an omelet and I had biscuits and gravy. Neither were a disappointment. Both were cooked perfectly, and in a short time. While there, we decided it would be a great place to come with the family. So, we returned on a Saturday evening and enjoyed the live local music, along with fantastic appetizers, great entrees and a good time was had by all. The wait staff is fast and friendly, and the food is worth going on it’s own.

Curt Buchanan, 10/14/21

great food, great atmosphere. Pulled pork sandwich was awesome!!

Melissa Gray, 10/11/21

Was delicious 😋

Yvette Arizpe, 10/4/21

Great food.

Timothy Bailey, 9/29/21

Love their food. Reasonable. Lunch specials.

Jan Haslett, 9/22/21

Always good!

Fred Barlow, 9/21/21

Had a great time. Party of 25+ waitress was exceptional. Made sure we got our Military discount

Rick Meuse, 9/18/21

Great vibes and great food; kid and pet friendly. Will definitely come back.

Jose Meza, 9/5/21

Great place to eat with family.

Douglas Ivy, 9/3/21

This place is so neat! Perfect if you have kids and want to have a good time this is the place to go! The food is also good too!

Crystal Nyman, 8/23/21

Good Food and Live Entertainment outdoors

Scott Vermeersch, 8/21/21

Grilled chicken Caesar was good!

Charles Jacobs, 8/14/21

We love this place for a low key evening out.. Music, great food, and fun with the locals.

C C, 8/10/21
FANTASTIC- an awesome place. Great for families as there is a play area for the kiddos to enjoy while parents can relax and watch them. Good is great and the service is EXCELLENT. There weekend brunch is very good. We have had Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner there. They often have bands on Friday/Saturday nights. Kids are welcome – very relaxing and enjoyable place. They catered one of my husband’s milestone birthday – great job. Great prices. AWESOME place and staff. Quality meals and good prices.
Barbara George, 8/8/21

Love going to the Den it’s a great place to take the family

wuttt 7778888, 8/7/21

Great staff, good food, and good drinks. Came here to celebrate a birthday and it was nice. Would definitely visit again. Worth the drive out there.

Kat Rodriguez, 7/25/21

The food and the atmosphere was great!!!!! I had the chicken fried steak (I highly recommend it)

Akeem Lawton, 7/24/21

Awesome burger! All of them!

Carolyn Biesenbach, 7/21/21

Great little place we visited tonight. Everything we had was good and the drinks were cold! They had a band tonight and he was great too! Loved that they had an awesome play area for the kids as well!

Dylan Caldwell, 7/9/21

The food is super yummy! And the staff very nice. I had an allergy issue with the chicken salad stuffed avocado that I didn’t realize until the food was served and the staff was very gracious to make me something else!

Jaymee Hausler, 7/9/21
This was something different and took me out my box to try. No complaints what’s so ever.
Valdivio Westbrook, 7/6/21

Acres of dining, convenient location, great parking, off the chart food!

Glen Krans, 6/27/21

super friendly staff, outdoor fun, great food and lots is homemade, live music, and great to bring kids too.

Braydin Wigley, 6/25/21

Great backyard barbeque atmosphere. They have live music and a very unique menu. There’s even an extensive play park for kids. Plenty of room on the inside of you prefer air conditioning dining.

Kyle Laechelin, 6/24/21

Great atmosphere & friendly staff!

Billy Smith, 6/23/21

Great atmosphere, play area for kids, and food is good.

Gene Drisch, 6/20/21

Love 💘this place

Don Lang, 6/19/21

I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of The Den. The food was delicious. The patty melt reigns supreme!! I ordered a bloody Mary, which was Soo delicious!!! The live music was awesome; Dylan Finley played an amazing set. I highly recommend this restaurant that offers great food, good drinks, and a family atmosphere. It even has a little playground and soccer area.

K A , 6/13/21

Excellent food and ambience. Love the outdoor area for the kids.

M Divine, 6/12/21

Excellent food and ambience. Love the outdoor area for the kids.

M Divine, 6/12/21

This is our go-to for a fun, sociable night every night of the week.

Brittany Jansen, 6/2/21

A great place to eat and chill, good food, great indoor and outdoor dining, and very child friendly

Jonathan Asbun, 5/20/21

Excellent Food Every Time!! We’ll Continue To Go Back Everytime We’re In The Area!!

Debra Rose, 5/6/21

Excellent Food Every Time!! We’ll Continue To Go Back Everytime We’re In The Area!!

Justin Shugart, 5/5/21

This was the first time going there and I can’t wait to go back.. The food is awesome as well as the staff.

Lance Palasky, 5/3/21

We had my wife’s retirement party there. The staff could not have been more helpful. Torrential downpours came that morning and they all scurried to realign tables and the entire serving line so our guests could be in a dry location, inside the restaurant. A staff member remained with us the entire time (4 hours). Also, due to weather we were allowed to adjust our numbers the day before without any problem. Ask for Jessica to put your party together. Food was great, drinks were fast. Everyone raved about the great time they had. Cheyenne and Casey were very professional and pleasant. “The Den” is amazing!

Terry Lowe, 5/2/21

Good food, good service, very nice place

Joe Moya Jr. , 4/28/21

Perfect place to bring the family and relax.

caltex86, 4/25/21

Cool place to hang out and pretty good food selection.

John Bender, 4/24/21

Great food and wonderful people…

Jessee Lovell, 4/24/21

Friendly staff, good fried mushrooms and coffee

Lena Alm-Diaz, 4/22/21
Great food and beautiful outside patio dining and bar!
Momo Brown, 4/15/21

Local restaurant that’s got some awesome grub.

Scott Holland, 4/12/21
Great food. Amazing service. Fantastic atmosphere & tons of outdoor seating. There were 7 of us in our party, everyone loved their food, drinks were topped off regularly, waiter checked in frequently. Highly recommend.
Connie Lippenholz, 4/11/21

The managers are awesome the staff is great and the food is delicious.

Adam Ybarra, 4/8/21

It was awesome for my first time.

Stephanie Riley, 4/4/21

It was awesome for my first time.

Mikki Huizar, 4/3/21

Great food I recommend the BBQ burger

Caleb Blackstock, 3/30/21

First time and everything was so soo good! Love those onion rings.

Jacob Keshick, 3/25/21

Very good food and clean restaurant

Evia Ramirez, 3/24/21

First time ever and a super awesome dining experience. I loved the kids area, the menu was impressive, staff was very friendly and accommodating. My mom and I really enjoyed our dinner.

Vanessa Ireland, 3/23/21

We really like The Den. Good food and a fun place to be. I want to give a shout out to Lauren or Lauran at the curbside pickup. She was bright and cheerful and even though the side salad was misplaced she called us very quickly and corrected the situation promptly and professionally. So, mistakes happen – it is how we handle them that count and Lauren can be counted on! Thank you so much. We will be back and I recommend The Den.

Wes Whittington, 3/16/21

so spacious good food and friendly people

Dan Garza, 3/13/21
Food was good and the staff was very friendly!
Andrew Chavez, 3/10/21

Great food and great atmosphere!

Joseph Joekerkane, 3/7/21

Great food

David Cantu, 3/7/21

From out of town 25 years in the restaurant business rated 5 out of 5 great place to go.

Paul Connor, 3/4/21

Very taste food. Nice atmosphere

Mitzi Drzymala, 3/1/21

Super friendly service and great food.

Troy Stone, 2/28/21

Best place for relaxing with live music, family fun, great food selection.

Family Farm, 2/21/21

Great Food, Friendly Staff, children playground, dog friendly must be on leash. Thank you enjoyed the visit

Wanda Hadley, 2/18/21

Good food, great service, good beer.

Paul Vehslage, 2/14/21

Good hot coffee and really delicious breakfast!

Mythany Figirova-Inocencio, 2/13/21

Great food, great family atmosphere, awesome live music!!

Derek Krueger, 2/13/21
Really cool place
Brian Ashby, 2/8/21
The food is awesome and affordable. The staff was very polite
Stephanie Jones, 2/6/21
All was great, from staffs to foods.
Alex Alejandro, 2/2/21
Im a burger FREAK. We were driving through on our way back to San Antonio and so glad we found this place. By far some of the best burgers we have ever had. Wish there was one near me.
Nicole Anastasia, 1/31/21
Very nice people feels like home when you dinning in and fun for the whole family😁
Shelly Gallus, 1/24/21
The venue atmosphere bartenders barbacks servers owners spaces live band was awesome. Apps burgers cocktails on point. Pay for what you get. No disappointment.
Donnetta Dent, 1/16/21
The Den was an awesome place to git food and it also hase a play area. There is also in and out door setting.
Kylee Bailey, 1/14/21
Very good
Terry Hernandez, 1/13/21
This place was a lot of fun! My 18mo old son had a blast with the live music and playing with other kids!
Sunny Shaffer, 1/7/21
Fantastic food and service as usual!
Shellee T, 1/7/21

I had the chicken fried steak and it was delicious! I also had the sweet potato fries and Cole slaw, and they were perfect sides to my entree. There is plenty of seating for social distancing during lunch. I look forward to going back again very soon!

Cerise Rieper, 1/3/21

Fun atmosphere!

Amber Johnson, 1/3/21

Great little local spot. Just had drinks and appetizers but, the place was great and so were the people.

Tony Hodge, 12/30/20

Nice and not crowded at all. Lunch special was great.

Sandra Deluna, 12/23/20

Great food and excellent customer service!!

Amy Swindells, 12/22/20

Great family gathering place

Hi Hi, 12/20/20

Great family place with Live music!

Carlos Sanchez, 12/19/20

Great atmosphere and an ideal place to take the family for an outing..

Hector Longoria, 12/10/20
Great chicken pot pie!! Yummy!!
Brandi Rubalcava, 12/2/20

Good old school Americana breakfast. Super friendly staff, spacious and safe. A thumbs up. The French Toast is excellent.

Emma D, 11/24/20

Great place to eat and meet friends, band was playing tonight.

Edward R, 11/20/20

We were there for an event but after then We had breakfast it was a lovely friendly place,great place to bring the family. And friends.

Heavy Father, 11/16/20

Delicious food, friendly people, great waiting staff, friendly owners that take the time to participate with visitors, guest’s & staff, almost feel like welcomed family, great music, delicious mixed adult beverages, child play ground atmosphere, eat in or outside, & drive in & take home parking available & handicap parking also, beautiful back yard picnic patio, live band on certain nights of the week,& even “Trivia night contest” on Thursday nights & come to find out when “THURSTY THURSDAY” Ladies Night will be, (not sure if its every Thursday or not, but always have a really nice time!!

Rhae Jones, 11/15/20

It was good as always.

Sarah Lindaman, 11/14/20

The Food was Wonderful!!! They are Very dog friendly…there is a gated outside area for eating & enjoying Your canine friends!!!

Ken Grimm, 11/11/20

Nice place. Large outside eating areas. Friendly staff. Good food. Reasonable priced. Real busy Friday night and Saturday night.

Dwayne Devol, 11/9/20

A La Vernia treasure. Fun place for families to hang out. Mom & Dad listen to the live band and get their drink on while the kids play in the fenced-off play area. Food is decent American fare: burgers, wings, salads, even fried pickles.

Jeffery Harston, 11/8/20

The food is great. The outdoor area and stage is the best part.,they have a kids area. I love the fact you can drink,eat and enjoy your dinner while listening to music.

Rosa Rivera, 11/7/20

Our waitress was super friendly and attentive and the drinks and music were great i would 10/10 recommend

Deziraye Reger, 11/7/20

Best place in Texas. Friendly staff. Love the place. My brother Doug lives there!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍👍👍

Kim Tacia, 11/7/20
Good food and drinks, shaded outdoor dining and play area for the young ones.
Darold Burnett, 11/2/20

First visit and loved it

Chuck Harmon, 10/25/20

Great food and a great place for family to get together.

Carol Nichols, 10/25/20

Great environment

Leopard Jeepz, 10/24/20

“Love the food and the people, their service is awesome!”

Emma Hartley, 10/18/20

Wonderful atmosphere!! Friendly staff – recommend the pulled pork nachos 😋

Melody Lachepelle, 10/18/20

Always a good place to eat. Nice outdoor area for dining and a good size play area for the kids. Live local music on weekends.

Melvin Matlock, 10/14/20

Love hanging out here on a nice afternoon or in the evening.

Jennifer Rodriguez, 10/8/20
Fantastic atmosphere and love the love music. I can’t wait to visit again with my family!
Kristina Poehler, 10/5/20


EmilyChristine Higgins, 10/3/20

Great place to get a quick bite to eat, great beer, and a fun trivia night on Thursday.

Robert Goddard, 10/1/20

Great place to hang out for dinner and let the kids play freely. Good food, fun atmosphere, can’t ask for much more

Rusty Webb, 10/1/20

Great food, awesome service, fun atmosphere! The indoor restaurant is spacious, clean and cozy. There is a huge outdoor area with a bar, play area for kids, outdoor fireplace, a stage for live performances and plenty of tables.

Shawlepeno, 9/26/20

Good food

Arnold Flores, 9/26/20

Very Good food

Bronco Operations, 9/26/20

This place is fantastic! The food is amazing! I always get a bacon burger on their sourdough bun! Yum-o! The bun is so flavorful & puffy.. the burger has good flavor & is lightly seasoned so the taste of the beef comes through. Their drink selection is pretty good. I love the Agave Creme Soda. It must be popular because they are out of syrup in the dispenser most of the time. They happily change it out if you let them know. The staff is always friendly & attentive. I’ve never had a bad experience there. Others in my crew have had the pork sandwich, which I can’t remember the name, but they said was super good. The parking lot is always full, so you know it’s good. The inside is huge with additional outdoor seating, so there’s never a long wait.

Jenny Barrett, 9/25/20

Looking for a great place to eat in a small town, this is the place. Food, drinks, music, excellent place to take your family.

Annie Cantu, 9/19/20

Open air outdoor and indoor eating and drinking. Family atmosphere with space for adults.

Ruben Zambrano, 9/17/20

Comfortable & unique atmosphere in our urban community. I always enjoy the outdoor patio & music under the stately Oak Tree.

Glenda Recker, 9/16/20

Good food! Great atmosphere!!

Christopher Lozano, 9/13/20

Fun place!

Diana Bravo Gonzalez, 9/11/20

Delicious. Friendly. Great staff.

Ploukie Nigdgits, 9/11/20

Great place!! Family friendly, pet friendly, delicious food, fun atmosphere

Sherrie Brooks, 9/7/20

Great food! The staff are friendly and the laid back atmosphere is welcoming!

Glyniss McDaniel, 9/6/20

Great food! The staff are friendly and the laid back atmosphere is welcoming!

Julie Rizzo, 9/5/20

Yesss love going here with the guys I prefer to order the boneless chicken yumm.

rosegold 100k, 9/1/20

Great food and a decent beer selection. The draw for this location is the outdoor patio space. Wow! Trees cover the area and fans keep it cool on the blistering days. We enjoyed our visit as well as the service. We will definitely be back!

James Banks, 8/23/20

I had the Hatch green chili burger with onion rings, my wife had the fried egg burger with sweet potato fries. Both where very good and the restaurant was clean and seemed to have everyone spaced far enough apart.

Kevin Mathis, 8/23/20

The food is great, so is the staff and the drinks at the bar are great.

John Pham-Ta, 8/20/20

This place is really neat. Big place with very nice outdoor patio, live music and drinks. Haven’t had their food yet so can’t comment on that. Atmosphere is very chill and family oriented. Worth the drive out there

Wadlin and Dancin, 8/17/20

Friendly helpful staff, great prices, delicious food and kid friendly. Great place for the family to hang out

Jared M, 8/14/20

Food was excellent. Staff was very friendly.

Terry Williams, 8/7/20

It was great good food

Shane Eardley, 8/1/20

We had an hour to kill in la vernia. Popped in the den. Most delicious food I have had in a long time. The burger was juicy, the sourdough was flavorful. Absolutely fantastic! Also they had $4 bloody Marys!

Anne Creasy, 8/1/20

First time going here with my husband & son. The lady at the register was very nice & courteous. The food was great, fresh, big portions. Workers walking around sanitizing & wearing masks. We will be going back & telling others about this place. Well worth the drive from Converse

Alicia Flores, 7/18/20

Best service. Live Jessica, Memo and Kayla!!

Michelle Young, 7/9/20

This place is HUGE! As a sweet potato fry connoisseur, I approve of them here! Plus their trivia host is WAY better than other places!!!

Candice Pink, 7/9/20

Great salmon! Really good food and coffees.

Kellie Conyers, 7/3/20

Is a nice place to enjoy with friends or family.

Ruth Portillo, 7/3/20

Real good.

John Clay, 7/1/20

Awesome food and staff!

James Ward, 6/21/20

Great food excellent service and some really good drink choices.

Charles Martinez, 6/20/20

The wings are a must. The copperhead sauce is where it’s at. The beer is always cold and the bar staff is always happy to get one in your hands ASAP. Quickly became a La Vernia hot spot.

talkinaboutit254, 6/20/20

Great Atmosphere, great customer service, very reasonable prices. Very impressed. First time eating here. Will definitely be returning.

Julie Pineda, 6/13/20

Great place to have drinks, food and AMAZING LIVE MUSIC!!

Wendy Ussery, 6/12/20

Great place to have drinks, food and AMAZING LIVE MUSIC!!

Wendy Ussery, 6/12/20

Food is awesome. There were 8 of us and everyone loves it. We go often on bike runs. Highly recommend

Shana Skeans, 5/25/20


Kevin Jackson, 5/22/20

Love the food and weekly free trivia on Thursday nights!! Good to be back. I missed the Copperhead bites. Beautiful outdoor area and great staff. Best place in LV on a Thursday night.

Phillip Higginbotham, 5/21/20

Great family atmosphere with outside playground, live music, and live trivia! The food is pretty good, too. Update: The Den came through for us during the pandemic. Thanks for all the curbside!

Garret C., 5/21/20

Awesome food and good time!

Marleny Sanchez, 5/14/20

The Den is an amazing family oriented place for fun and food. We even got the chance to play a trivia game tonight! GO TEAM ELIZABETH!

Elizabeth Britt, 5/14/20

MUST TRY!!! You won’t be disappointed!!! Best food, best service….

Julie Barnes, 5/14/20

Trivia night is tons of fun at the Den!

Wren Kelley, 5/14/20
Great experience lots of fun!!
Kerstin Rich, 5/7/20

Great food and place to have a good time. Outside bar and great service loved it can’t wait to come back.

Kyle Martin, 3/18/20

Had breakfast for Sunday lunch, the Den Benedict with cheesy grits. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Cliff Wahl, 3/15/20

Sammy was the best waitress I’ve ever had. She needs a raise! Double her pay!

Nehemias Aguilar, 3/14/20

Love it! Love the people! Love the trees❤️ Love the food!

Darda Dennis, 3/6/20

Awesome music, environment, food and service!!

Adrian Gutierrez, 3/6/20

I love the trivia it is really cool and fun

Karlie Serna, 3/5/20

Great Atmosphere for families or for a date night. Service is great and food is tasty! Daily food and drink specials! Go Bears!

McKnight Boys, 3/5/20

The Den is great fun! Especially on Trivia night!!

Wren Kelley, 3/5/20

Food is good. Drinks are really good.

Tiffany Moore, 3/4/20

Lots of food options, great ambiance, indoor and outdoor seating. Great place.

Doris Owens, 3/1/20

Food was great!! Service was fast & it was packed….Great prices. On the fish plate there was 2 large pieces of fish. The vegetable medley was awesome, cooked just right.

Dorothy Clark, 2/29/20

Awesome food excellent staff! We love this place.

Trav Dee, 2/27/20

Great food and service! Love the atmosphere and family friendly setting.

Mary Ann Struxness, 2/25/20

Awesome everything.

Sean Alexander, 2/18/20

The food choices allow everyone in the group to find something they like. The quality of the food is amazing. The atmosphere is perfect for a couples dinner or family get together and everything in between. Kid friendly. Great choices in adult beverages. Live music always good.

Lawrence Perovich, 2/18/20

Great people excellent service great food.

Adam Ybarra, 2/17/20

Family oriented and excellent food choices.

Coy Tackitt, 2/16/20

Really nice atmosphere and good food!

Cheryl Mora, 2/15/20

Wonderful food and people.

Karen First, 2/14/20
Great CFS!
A Ew, 2/13/20
A nice meeting place.
James Hickman, 2/12/20

It is a good place to take your children and enjoy a good hamburger.

Blanca Robledo, 2/9/20
Visited once last week and it was amazing! Loved their spacious outdoor areas. Staff was extremely kind.
Amy Ann Davila, 2/8/20

This place is amazing! Great food and atmosphere. There’s no place like it: nice indoor and outdoor areas, sports bar, restaurant, live music venue, lounge and playground for kids. I live in Austin area, and the Den is good enough to plan a day trip around.

Kent Allen, 2/8/20

I LOVE THE DEN!!!! Me and my family moved here two weeks ago and we have finally found a place we LOVE!! We come every Thursday for Trivia night and have soooo much fun!! The Den is great and I love it sooo much!

TheAmericanAussies, 2/6/20

Good food…good family atmosphere and Trivia!!

Annettee Koepp, 2/6/20

Trivia Thursdays are great! Good food, good friends, good times.

Hannah Haseltine, 2/6/20

Amazing place with decent food. Always a blast and a place for kids to play.

Jimmie Fitz, 2/6/20
Great food and fun at The Den on Trivia Night!!
Wren Kelley, 2/6/20

Fantastic food great home cooking!

Tracy Fore, 2/5/20

I had never been here before. I live @ 40 minutes away. It was definitely worth the trip. This is a great family place for all ages

Ginger Uribe, 2/5/20

Cheeseburger on sourdough bread was fantastic! Everything was. The vegetable medley, the cowboy nachos were crazy delicious also. Can’t wait to go back

King Rex, 2/3/20

like the indoor/ outdoor vibe. You do have to order and take your own food to the table. They have a nice outside bar.

Stacey Martinez, 2/1/20

Customer service was great and had a great time

Liliana Gonsalez, 2/1/20

Love this place. First visit and we’ll be back and will definitely be recommending to friends.

Donna Thate, 1/30/20

Everything was very good and did not have a long wait.

Sylvia Tubig, 1/26/20

Food was excellent and out door dining beautiful!

Cathleen Dane, 1/26/20

Food was excellent and out door dining beautiful!

Cathleen Dane, 1/26/20

I love the place the atmosphere was great and the service was nice

Mr Rooky, 1/25/20

Awesome place to get some good food and let the kids play. Good beer selection and the game is always on. Kids are has a large turf area for some soccer or football and a toddler area fenced in with kid slides. Live music on occasion.

Chad Mangham, 1/20/20

Awesome place to get some good food and let the kids play. Good beer selection and the game is always on. Kids are has a large turf area for some soccer or football and a toddler area fenced in with kid slides. Live music on occasion.

Chad Mangham, 1/20/20

Very nice place. Good food love there salads will go again

Mary Ann Pineda, 1/18/20

Shrimp salad with a drink… Yes please!!!

Melody, 1/16/20

Shrimp salad with a drink… Yes please!!!

Melody, 1/16/20

Great place to have a party at!

Pamela Benson, 1/11/20

Great food a place for the kids to play. Also great for BIRTHDAY party

Mary Field, 1/11/20
We come here as much as we can. Great family atmosphere, lots of fun, and great selection of food! You won’t be disappointed!
Ginger McDowell, 1/9/20

❤️ our Family Trivia nights!

Kathleen Stark, 1/9/20

Love the food and weekly free trivia on Thursday nights!!

Phillip Higginbotham, 1/9/20

Trivia Thursdays are great! Good food, good times. Go Hanarchy!

Hannah Haseltine, 1/9/20
Lots of fun, good friends, great food, cold drinks and fun trivia!!!!
Wren Kelley, 1/9/20
We have always had good food and even better service when we eat at The Den. Our child loves it and the restaurant is geared to families and friends gathering casually.
Texas Rottie, 1/8/20
Everything here is delicious.
David Martinez, 1/7/20
One of the best burgers I have eaten in a long time, if not the best! Loved the atmosphere and kid-friendly activity area outside as well. Great experience!
Michael Canavan, 1/4/20

Great atmosphere! Good place to listen to good music, chill and dance!

John Tolly, 12/28/19

Great atmosphere! Good place to listen to good music, chill and dance!

Doug Grant, 12/26/19
Awesome place to watch a game have some drinks and good food.. Kid play area is great.
Rudy Guerrero, 12/24/19
Great outdoors seating, good food and excellent service!
Robert Brown, 12/10/19

Nice family friendly atmosphere with good food.

Leroy Torres, 12/9/19

Great food and a fun time!

Melissa Poth, 12/5/19

We love the atmosphere and staff! Bri and Kayla are the bessstttt!

Maria Watson, 12/5/19
The food was delicious and trivia night was super fun. #trivia fun
Louis Stark, 12/5/19

Great place.

Lacy Michelle Helmle-McDougal, 12/4/19
It has been open for 4 years this is the first time we have ever eaten there the atmosphere was lovely the food was good it was not very busy we came in at the right time 11 have do you have a good lunch perfect time….. …….. To the Owner we were coming home from San Antonio and we were hungry ..I Ask Google for Restaurants and Pick Your Place to eat . It was a good choice.
Marina Crabtree, 12/2/19

Extremely good and very different!

William Prats, 11/29/19

Great for kids, good food.

Christine Jackson, 11/27/19

Love the family atmosphere. Great food.

Traci Jaskinia, 11/26/19

Great food and family atmosphere playground for kids.

Michael Pendelino, 11/24/19
Wonderful place to eat and spend the afternoon with friends.
Rho Howell, 11/17/19

Local food at its finest.

Shawna, 11/17/19
Food was good.
Gregory Davarn, 11/11/19
Nice place to go out there and relax and take the kids to. Have nice play ground fenced in. And good menu. Summer and winter, has a large fire place outside.
Arthur Castro, 11/10/19
This will be our date night place when we come back to live permanently in Stockdale. Plates are HUGE!
Bonnie Cortes, 11/8/19

Great burgers!

Katie St John, 11/3/19

I had no idea what to expect. This place was great! I haven’t ever been anywhere quite like this. It’s clean, informal, great food, outdoorsy, and it doesn’t try to be anything it’s not. The staff were down to earth and were really awake and comfortable with their workspace. I had a great time.

Tyler Matthews, 10/27/19

Super staff!! Great food!

Rex Allen McNiel, 10/27/19

Great food at a good price! Really clean place and friendly service.

David & Dorothy Wood, 10/26/19

Super fun place with an awesome outside patio that’s kid friendly. Great place to unwind with friends. Patio has outside bar, fireplace and bathrooms!

Stephanie Badgett, 10/23/19

Oh. My. Goodness. This place made me cry, it was just that good. You ever taken a bite of something it was spot on exactly what you wanted?? That happened with me today at this beautiful restaurant. I got the bbq bacon burger with curly fries, and it seems simple enough that you could get a bbq burger from anywhere. But I don’t know it was just so super good here, the sweet bbq sauce, crunchy pickles, lettuce and red onion, the soft buttered sourdough bun. I was crying. I didn’t even care that my 2 year old twins were running around spilling their drinks on themselves…I was completely at peace with that burger and fries. 5 stars bay bay! Plus the outdoor playground kept the kiddos busy and that’s a huge plus. And if you don’t like a bunch of kids running around you, there’s a nice clean indoor area as well.

Amanda Dobbs, 10/22/19

Awesome casual atmosphere! Love the outdoor patio/place for young n older kids to play while adults can relax with adult beverage of choice. Enjoy either just appetizers or a full meal while there. Management/staff are always making sure everything is good. It’s a great place to gather for whatever celebration you might have. Pricing for food and drinks are average. I highly recommend checking it out, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Yvonne Baker, 10/21/19

Awesome place. The food is delicious and the work staff is friendly and helpful!

Jackie Hill, 10/20/19

Great atmosphere!

Norine Jupe, 10/19/19

Good food. Family oriented.

Denise Kaczorowski, 10/13/19

AMAZING chicken fried steak!!!!! It was gigantic!!!! Got me up at night thinking about it

Ron Chee, 10/13/19
Had a great time playing trivia tonight at the Den LV!!
Patricia Hernandez, 10/10/19

This spot is great! Good atmosphere with live music, a play area and good food.

Michelle Bernardy, 10/5/19


Bonnie Heath, 10/1/19

Great family fun.

Robert Burton, 9/30/19

Good food great atmosphere.

Mark Martin, 9/29/19

Great food, awesome atmosphere!

Tasca Mills, 9/29/19

I like this place usually nice staff and good food.

Travis Darby, 9/28/19

Wonderful place. Food was great.

Judy Truesdale, 9/26/19

Good food and service.

Jessica Smith, 9/17/19

Always helpful staff clean atmosphere great food…my second visit planning on returning soon.

Malena Madgwick, 9/12/19

Wonderful portions…good variety.

John Pantermuehl, 9/2/19

The food was great…got service with a smile and the environment was off the hook…live band.

Daniel Salinas Jr, 9/1/19

Had a really awesome time. Very nice place. Kids had a good time. They got together and sang to my sister for her birthday. Really awesome.

Chelcie Freasier, 8/25/19

Really like Wednesday half price appetizers. Grandkids liked the 10 mini corn dogs.

Joan E, 8/25/19

The shrimp tacos are to die for!

Mz Mapz Topeka BSMC, 8/22/19

Great people and food! Family oriented atmosphere!

Mary Skribanowitz, 8/21/19

They have a great staff and the food is great, plus the price are good for the amount of food.

Crespin Castillo, 8/17/19

Very cozy feel free wifi and AMAZING FOOD!!!

Caleb Sartain, 8/16/19

Great breakfast the other day.

Michael Copeland, 8/12/19

Fun place kid friendly.

Kelli Thompson, 8/5/19

The food here has been great every time I have come here. I ordered the Philly Cheese this time, it was outstanding. The steak was very juicy and tender! Came here with a large group, the orders were all placed very quickly and our food was ready before we knew it! Would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who happens to be around!

Jeff Messinger, 8/4/19

Great atmosphere and friendly service.

Cami Burnam, 8/4/19

Great food. Love coming here for trivia nights!!!

Dana Haight, 8/1/19

Trivia Thursday! Go Hanarchy!

Hannah Haseltine, 8/1/19

The food, the atmosphere, the staff, the location…where do I stop? It’s family friendly, couples friendly, dog friendly…THE BEST PLACE!

Morgan Pritchett, 8/1/19

Best venue in town! Ask for Kayla at the bar. 🙂

Sharon Powell Realtorbeast, 8/1/19

Great food and great atmosphere!

Shelley Waguespack, 8/1/19

Great food at the Den and trivia too! Great combination!

Nydia Garcia, 8/1/19

Lots of fun, great food, cold drinks and trivia!!

Wren Kelley, 8/1/19

Great place and good food.

Nancy Vickery, 7/26/19

This could become my regular hangout if I lived here. What a great place! Good food, great atmosphere, wonderful natural setting, indoor and outdoor amenities, nice!

Gary Kimball, 7/24/19

Food was very tasty! The atmosphere was great! Love the outdoor scenery they have set up. People were very helpful and nice taking my order even though there was a mix up with the chicken fried steak. Still went out of their way to accommodate me.

Joseph Flores, 7/23/19

It has a great outdoor area and an outside bar. Lots of parking, trees and picnic tables. Looks great for family functions.

Sandra Johnson, 7/22/19

This is a great place to go with your family, with or without your kids, or by yourself. The food is plentiful and good and the service is excellent. There is plenty to do for  kids in the outside area, while the adults hang-out inside or go outside to enjoy the weather. Also, a great place to hold community events.

John Swain, 7/14/19

Food was amazing. And cold beer.

Michael Janik, 7/14/19

Always good, always friendly, always enjoy myself!

Nancy Mcknight, 7/12/19

Great food, relaxed atmosphere, will be visiting again.

James Harper, 7/7/19

Great family venue. My grandkids love this place and so do I. When I visit La Vernia the Den is on my list for a beverage and a sandwich.

Jim Kaelin, 7/7/19

Great place for all occasions. Plenty of space, very friendly staff and waters. We are here for a birthday party and they accommodated us same day with reserved tables. Food is great, drinks are great and the atmosphere is mellow and slow. Kids can run around with fully fenced are, within sight of our tables. Great place, wish it was closer to us, we would come here more often.

Ashley Duncan, 7/5/19

Loved it!

Angie Kuykendall, 7/3/19

Excellent food. Friendly helpful staff.

Becca Metcalf, 6/30/19

I love their chicken salad and the sweet potato fries.

Susie Hustead, 6/30/19

Great staff, excellent service, awesome food and wonderful setting!!

Teresa Zdansky, 6/30/19

Live music and good food.

Rose Martinez, 6/29/19

Nice place to eat and have great food

Greg Monroe, 6/25/19

Good family place with good food.

Curtis Ostrander, 6/25/19

The Den is a great place to listen to live music and grab some food and drinks. Extremely family-friendly. The kids have nice place to play that is safe from traffic.

Wendi Martinez, 6/25/19

Great atmosphere

Anthony Bradley, 6/25/19

Staff was very helpful and the food was palatable. Look forward to going back.

Steven Ibrom, 6/24/19

Thank you, Thank you I had dinner delivered to my husband for Father’s Day through your catering service, because I am out of town. He was so excited, and told me the meal was fantastic. It arrived on time, nice and hot! Thank you for helping give my husband a fantastic day!!!

Cynthia Glennon, 6/17/19

I loved the restaurant. Very friendly staff and excellent food. This restaurant has an outdoor seating area. I would recommend this place.

Ricky Torres, 6/17/19

Great service

DayTime Gamer, 6/12/19

Great local eatery. Reasonable prices and they even have live music events

Susanne's Shrinking, 6/7/19

Cold beer, great atmosphere, and you have to check out live trivia.

Rebecca Kelley, 6/7/19

Great food! Love the atmosphere.

Katarina Wehmeyer, 6/5/19

Love this place! Wish our hometown had this a long time ago. Great trivia, food specials and environment for families!

Chelsea Grams, 6/5/19

Love their menu!!

Meredith Torres, 6/4/19

Food is great the family atmosphere is exceptional I should know I just spent time with my family there…. and the staff service is nothing less than exceptional I would recommend this to my family and best friends

Henry Mizin, 5/30/19

I really enjoyed my time at The Den. Plenty of seating outside. We had a family gathering of around 25 people. Plenty of activities to keep the kids busy. The food was good. I had a chicken fried steak. The portion was huge. I could not finish it all. The quality was good and service was very friendly. I will go back.

Mike Foster, 5/30/19

Great food,great time,perfect atmosphere!

B B, 5/22/19

The Den is a great place for food, drinks and activities for all ages. Games, fun, food, bar.

Jack Dennis, 5/21/19

Great service

Mike Ballez, 5/17/19

I believe everyone in La Vernina, TX showed up to The Den last night and it’s easy to see why. Friendly, hard working staff. Good music. I had the chicken fried steak and it was . Everything coming out of the kitchen looked great. The kids play area is massive. This place is highly recommend for each member of the family. We will be returning.

Benjamin Lewis, 5/16/19

Awesome food & drinks, great live music.

Darrell Badgett, 5/16/19

Great atmosphere family friendly. Plenty of TV’s to watch the game. Live band stage outside bar. Beautiful oak trees plenty of shade. Food offered typical fried food. Fried pickles, mushrooms, nachos. Burgers other chicken items. Prices are responsible.

Robert All Pro, 5/10/19

Excellent food and great atmosphere

William Marshall, 5/9/19

Great food and outdoor area!

Amber Aikins, 5/8/19

Wonderful venue offering great outdoor seating, quick service, and a fun environment

Adam Martinez, 5/7/19

Fun place with really good food and good prices. Will definitely go back.

Debbie Saxon, 4/25/19

Great place to eat plus the concerts and movies

Patty Bielefeld, 4/25/19

Great place and the food is top of the line. The people are friendly

Greg Jones, 4/23/19

Great food and environment

Country Boy, 4/21/19

It was a fun time and it wasn’t expensive

Zachary Stephens, 4/20/19

Good food great for the kids.

Corben Matykiewicz, 4/19/19

Super glad this place was created. Its awesome for family events

Lacey Heinz, 4/17/19

Awesome as always.

Maximillian Sanchez, 4/16/19

Staff was friendly and food came out quick They have a variety of foods from burgers to wings. Atmosphere was fun with large open space that was enclosed by the restaurant for kids to run around in. Prices were reasonable. Worth going back too.

Daniel Roberts, 4/12/19

Perfect place for parents to take the kids. The entire outside is fenced in so the little critters can roam and play freely.

Emilio Chavarria, 4/11/19

A great place to eat and have music.

Steven Standtke, 4/11/19

Really great food. I’ve been twice now. Both times, the vegetables were fresh and the food was great.

Margaret Boos, 4/8/19

Great place for family!! They have a huge play area for the kids, outdoor bar, live music, good food! Highly recommend to families with kids! Oh, and the fence is high, so you’ll feel safe letting the kids run free!!!

Antoinette Gollette, 4/2/19